The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead               

With 2014 almost here, I have been thinking about the year ahead.  I’d like to share with you my thoughts as it relates to decorating and design for 2014

Have a plan.

Begin your design or decorating project by creating a floor plan and/or furniture layout.  We often get excited when we see a piece of furniture we like, but we must ensure it will work in the space we are designing.  

It’s very important to think about how you and your family will use the space.  Also, think about the feeling you want to create in your space.  Spend time thinking about the colors you would like to bring into the room, as well as the various materials, patterns and textures.

Be mindful of the pieces you buy. 

There are so many beautiful things to choose from, all very tempting.

Ask yourself, do I really love it?  Will it work well in the space?  Does it reflect my life, my personality, my home?  

In this living room, the custom-made sofa is upholstered in an Edelman leather.

Invest in quality pieces you love, rather than filling your house with ‘stuff’.   Find things that have personal meaning to you.

The centerpiece of a Greenwich, Connecticut, game room is a Damien Hirst butterfly painting.

Create an authentic space that reflects who you are. 

The most appealing, inviting homes are ones that have life, personality and soul. 

A vintage Salvador Dalí sofa in the office/living area of Diane von Furstenberg's New York penthouse

It’s not about what you have, but how you live. 

Glamorous Austin home designed by Jan Showers.

Live life well.  Appreciate beauty.  Take time to find joy in the simple pleasures.   

Happy New Year.  May 2014 bring you much happiness.