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The Comforts of Home

Life for many of us has changed over the past month.

Many of us have been deeply affected by the situation in which we are currently finding ourselves with the COVID virus that has swept the world.

With the belief that our homes have an impact on how we feel; now more than ever, our surroundings are playing a bigger role, as we are being asked to stay at home.

So what can we do during this time to help us enjoy our homes in which we are spending so much more time?

How can we look for ways to bring out the best in our homes?…so that we may continue to enjoy them, so that they may continue to bring us joy, uplift and inspire us…

Here are some ideas you may find helpful in bringing happiness and joy into your home again during this time.


Declutter and Edit to Showcase Pieces that you truly Love

Over time, we become accustomed to our surroundings and no longer see our space objectively.

We get used to displaying the same things we have always had for years.

There then becomes a point when you look at your space and say, “this is no longer bringing me pleasure”, “It feels cluttered”, “I feel overwhelmed”, “Where do I even begin?”.

I recently completed an installation for my client where we installed new custom furniture, drapery, artwork, and accent pieces.

In addition, she asked me to edit and style several other rooms in her home (using items that she already had).

I removed each of her pieces and placed them on a table. From there, I edited, grouped, edited again and then began creating meaningful displays of her treasured pieces.

When she came home to the final reveal, she was blown away by the transformation.  She was so happy, she loved the ‘refresh’ saying it made such a difference in how she felt about her home.  She was looking at each piece through a new lens, as though appreciating the beauty of each piece for the first time. This truly brought me such joy.


Consider removing any objects or items that you are not really passionate about, that do not bring you joy.

Showcase a few special pieces that are personally meaningful to you.

Group them in a cohesive manner and celebrate their beauty once again.

An edited, organized space will feel new and fresh and bring on a renewed sense of optimism.


Styling a console table with books and meaningful objercts
Source: Pinterest


Beautiful living room with meaningful accent piecesSource: Suzanne Kasler, Pinterest


Lovely living room with coffee table stylingSource: Summer Thorton, Pinterest


Surround Yourself with Meaningful things that Bring you Comfort:

A beautiful throw, a favorite scented candle, some of your favourite books.

Personally, I am finding joy and inspiration by reading my favourite design books, as they are fueling my creative for the projects I am currently working on, as well as the upcoming projects I will be starting, once life resumes back to some form of normalcy.

Pretty living room with home decor piecesSource: Summer Thorton, Pinterest


Source: La Dolce Vita via Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Create a Personal ‘Sanctuary’ for Yourself.  

For some of us with partners or children, our homes may feel a bit overwhelming with more bodies, and more constant activity.

I personally enjoy my quiet time and private space as it allows me to create and generate new ideas.

Consider creating your own sanctuary or personal space where you can retreat from the daily noise and household activity – a place where you can simply be.

I am using my bedroom as well as my ensuite as a place to retreat and decompress.

A comfortable lounge chair with a cashmere throw and mohair toss cushion in a soothing colour palette and soft, luxurious materials brings on a sense of calm.

On my nightstand, I always have a pretty little vignette with a vase of fresh flowers, a lovely scented body lotion, and my lavender essential oil.

I also have my favourite heart shaped rose quartz gemstone next to my bedside.

Each time I enter my room, I look at this little pretty spot and it gives me a little wave of calm and happiness.


Serene master bedroom
Source: Victoria Hagan, Pinterest


Serene Master Ensuite Bathroom

Source: Pinterest


Pretty Bathroom

Source: Pinterest

Bring in Nature, Something from the Outdoors:

Fresh flowers or some other form of greenery is so effective in lifting our spirits and an easy way to bring beauty into our homes.

A simple vase of flowers or a branch with pretty blossoms can uplift and transform the feeling in your home.


Coffee table styling with flowers

Source: Pinterest


Coffee table styling with flowers and books

Source: Ryan Korban via Pinterest


Source: Steve Cordony via Pinterest


We hope that we have inspired you with these beautiful spaces.  As always, thanks for reading.

Enza – Xxxo