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IDS…so many talented artists, dreamers, creators.

Having attended the Interior Design Show in Toronto, I am so energized and inspired by the wonderfully talented artisans and designers I was able to experience and connect with.

I had the privilege of meeting several new wonderfully talented artists and designers who graciously shared their story, their sources of inspiration, background on how their designs unfold, the craftsmanship that goes into their piece. Design is so personal, so inspiring, so energizing.

The Opening Night Party (and Trade Day) was fabulous as I spent time connecting with fellow designers, laughing, connecting, sharing, all of us inspired by what was around us in term of new designs, new products, ideas, innovations. It was also so wonderful to see fellow designers supporting one another, so complimentary of each others work, so open to sharing, helping, so that we can all be our absolute best and deliver our absolute greatness to our clients. There’s much to celebrate for the very special design community that we have in Toronto.

Among the very many talented designers, artisans, and companies that I met, I’m sharing a few that I was particularly inspired by:

Nika Zupanc (for Southhill Home)

Her signature approach and philosophy for which she is known: “A poetic disruption into a world of design and interiors. Products and Interiors that challenge the rational, sober and utilitarian by giving voice to the intuitive, eclectic and intimate.”

Her collections are breathtakingly gorgeous and stopped me in my tracks.

Surfaces & Co.

So many beautiful collections: inspiring and beautiful.



Anna Simon

Anna Simon takes great pride in creating pieces that reflect the comfort and functionality of modern living as well as the attention to detail and beauty of design of the fine furniture makers of the past.

Design: it inspires, it energizes, it enhances, it beautifies.

Live life beautifully.

Enza xo