A Small Kitchen with Big Impact

When my clients called me to tell me they bought a new house (well, really a very old house that needed some work), I was so excited to take on the challenge with them.

As this would be their forever home, my clients wanted their dream kitchen.

A young family with small kids, their dream kitchen needed to be extremely functional and hardworking.  In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, storage, organization, and space optimization were also very key.

As I do at the beginning of every project, we kicked off the project by discussing, in detail, all the things on my client’s wish list. We looked at photos of ideal kitchens, reviewing specific elements we liked and didn’t. We discussed the various functional areas or zones we wanted to create within the space we had.

On my client’s wish list were the following:

– A breakfast nook with a comfy banquette for their children

– A penisula/breakfast bar for the adults

– A coffee station/wet bar

– A mix of open and closed cabinetry to keep it open and airy

I carefully thought through the layout and each zone; visualizing how my clients would be using their space. I  also carefully mapped out the placement of the dishes, glasses, servery; even down the small details regarding where to store her children’s lunch containers.

In terms of the overall look and feel, we wanted the space to feel light, bright, airy and breezy.

We started with this…

And achieved this:

Taking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room opened up the space significantly and allowed us to add a penisula.

I carefully considered the placement of the coffee station and bar sink and placed it near the penisula. This area serves as a wet bar when entertaining with guests sitting in the dining room and by the penisula. To save on space, we incorporated the microwave in a lower cabinet on the other side of the penisula. I also added extra cabinet storage on the opposite side, where the counter stools are, as an extra place to store table linens and items that are used only occasionally.

The breakfast nook we created is a great place for their children to sit and have their breakfast. We built a pantry at this end in order for the children to have easy access to their snacks. We also added extra storage in the banquette to store the children’s crafts.

By the back door, we created another cupboard to hang the children’s backpacks and jackets when they enter from the backdoor. We raised the cabinet in order to store boots and shoes on the floor.

The backsplash is a beautiful porcelain tile with beautiful veining and movement. I chose a large size format to add grandeur and impact in this small kitchen.

The base cabinets are a light-medium grey with blue undertones, and the uppers are a lovely warm, yet crisp, white.

We love the fresh feel it delivers.

The beautiful light fixtures, in a brass finish, add warmth and dimension. I carefully considered the lighting to ensure a harmonious and thoughtful mix of materials and shapes to add another layer of interest.

I included floating shelves so my clients could showcase their personal objects.  As well, I wanted to break up the row of upper cabinets so the kitchen would feel light, bright, airy and open. I also added glass panels doors on the opposite wall for the same reason.

It was so wonderful to work with these lovely clients to help them realize their goal of having a beautiful kitchen in their forever home.  With their trust and confidence, it was such an enjoyable process for all of us and I can’t wait to work with them again.

Warmest wishes and thanks for reading!

Enza xo


Photography credit: Paul Chmielowiec

Design by: Fig Interiors