Shine Bright…Preparing your home for the holidays

The holidays are approaching.  A magical time. A time to celebrate, a time to connect friends and family, a time to cocoon and bask in the warm glow of twinkly lights and a crackling fire.

There are so many ways you can decorate for the holidays and there is surely an abundance of images and resources you can tap into to create the desired look and feel you wish to achieve.

We’d love to share with you some of the things we consider as we decorate for the holidays.

Our philosophy at Fig Interiors is not to decorate around a specific theme but rather, create a look and a feeling that is reflective your personal style, that tells a story about you who are, that brings in your personality and soul, that is rich with layers, that draws you in, that ultimately brings you joy and makes you feel good.  Here are some questions you may want to consider before you begin decorating:

What feeling are you wanting to create?

How do you want your guests to feel when they enter your home?

How do you want to feel during the holidays?

Here are some of the things that we think about as we decorate for the holidays:

1. Create an inviting entrance that not only welcomes your guests but also brings you joy when you come home.

Source: Sarahst.amandinteriors Instagram

Source: Pinterest

Create a warm and inviting entrance by hanging gorgeous, fragrant branches, tied with a beautiful ribbon. Simple, elegant and chic.

Source: House and Home

Warm and inviting scents add another sensory layer to your home.  The fresh citrus smell of clementines and the warm aroma of cinnamon sticks. So fresh and inviting. And the unmistakable scent of fresh evergreens.

Source: House and Home

Adding special festive touches throughout your home in unexpected ways is thoughtful and creative, and adds another layer of interest.

Source: House Beautiful

I love the simplicity and elegance of simple flower arrangements to compliment fresh greenery. These quietly decorated rooms are casually elegant and exude a sense of quiet, beautiful understated luxury.  So calm and soothing, warm and inviting.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Traditional Home

Source: House and Home

Layering fresh greenery on various surfaces adds another festive element.

Source: Traditional Home

A beautiful display of curated, personal objects you love, paired with holiday decor, showcases your personality and style and creates a beautiful and meaningful vignette.

Source: Pinterest

We just love these crocheted handmade ornaments from Saudade in Toronto for their beauty and uniqueness. Perfect to display in a beautiful hand blown glass bowl.


We hope you enjoyed reading this post and we wish you the warmest and happiest of holidays.

Warmest wishes,

Enza xo