Live Life Simply.

I was very fortunate to be able to live at our summer home on beautiful Georgian Bay for the entire summer.  In true Canadian fashion, I feel the need to apologize for being able to have this amazing experience.  The truth is, I was afforded this opportunity as I was working on design projects for my clients living up north.

Having been able to live in our summer home for such an extended period of time, I came to appreciate the joy of living life simply.  Without fuss, without the accumulation of stuff.  Our summer house has an open and airy, light feel.  Encompassing elements of summer living on the beach, the color palette and decor accents are calming and soothing: pale blues, whites, linen, sand. There are very minimal ‘furnishings’ and carefully selected decor accents.  The kitchen is simple containing only what is needed.  The bedrooms, simply furnished and decorated, are comfortable and inviting.

The reason I describe this is, and the reason I am writing this post is; as I return back to living in the city; I feel compelled to preserve that feeling of living simply, to be surrounded only by things that you truly need, and things that are carefully curated and selected…things that give you a true sense of pleasure. It feels good to not be burdened by an accumulation of ‘stuff’ that you no longer love, appreciate or have a need for.  If you have any of these things, I would encourage you to edit your space and to donate any of these items to a local charity.  After doing so, you will feel great on so many levels!

Here are some glorious rooms that evoke that sense of simplicity, that given you that calm feeling…and that sense of pleasure of being surrounded by fewer, yet beautiful and more meaningful things.


Live well. Live Simply. Give Back. Take pleasure in surrounding yourself with fewer, more treasured things.