Fig…an interesting story behind the name

Fig Interiors was born out of a passion for wanting to help people create spaces that inspire and make them feel good about their own surroundings.


The name ‘Fig’ is a literal interpretation for feeling good.

The creation of the name ‘Fig’ was also inspired by the beauty of a fig tree, with its roots and branches that represent inspiration and growth.

The classic children’s book “The Giving Tree” was also a source of inspiration, contributing to the birth of the GIV by FIG program.

Serendipitously, and this is where it all came together, symbolically, when you slice through a fig fruit, each seed represents an act of kindness.

‘Fig ‘Interiors is where inspiration meets beauty.

I hope you find inspiration today…enjoying and appreciating the little things and the beauty that surrounds you…

Thanks for reading.


Enza xo