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One of the greatest things about being a designer is the ability to impact the quality of someone’s life through well thought out design.  Nothing could be more true for a project we recently completed.

I received a call from a client who explained her situation. She had developed an allergy to synthetic fabrics as well as to down fill and feathers. This meant she could not sit comfortably in her living room.  When she sat on her sofa or chairs she would begin to itch and develop a rash.  Having witnessed this several times, I accepted the challenge to solve this for her so that she could fully enjoy her space with her family, without any discomfort.

Many upholstered furniture pieces are made with foam inserts, down fill, Dacron wrap, and in many cases, a synthetic fabric blend; all of which my client was allergic to.

So, taking on this challenge, we began the process. I carefully, and thoughtfully, sourced the appropriate fabrics for each piece, all made of natural fabrics, like 100% cotton and soft linens, and of course, without any chemical coatings on them. I sourced the appropriate trim details, again, ensuring that nothing was made of any synthetic material.

In addition, we had to look at the internal components and construction of each piece.  I sourced alternatives to foam or down inserts and Dacron wrap.  We had my client test a soya based insert; which, thankfully, she was not allergic to.  Instead of Dacron, we double wrapped the inserts in a cotton wool wrap and hand stitched them using cotton thread instead of nylon or a glue adhesive.  We had my client test each of the fabrics and materials selected to ensure she would not have an allergic reaction to any of the materials.

This project was truly a team effort, involving my wonderful fabric suppliers (not only the showrooms here in Toronto, but also the mills in Europe); my amazingly talented workroom; my upholsters who continue to deliver outstanding, quality craftsmanship; to the delivery companies who took extra care to wrap each piece in cotton.

…here’s a look at the construction that goes into producing the quality of work necessary to deliver the exact results we needed. Outstanding quality craftsmanship by my wonderful upholsterers.



Here are some photos of the finished space:


Living Room

Living Room



…we also made a new seat cushion for the beautiful chair she had in her kitchen…this fabric is so beautiful, I had to share…

Seat cushion

In the end, my client was overwhelming happy with the end results.  Here is what she had to say:

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I totally LOVE the work you did! It all looks like it’s been here forever and it totally flows…but most importantly, when one chooses a designer for the most part it’s a gamble that they capture who the customer is. You totally got me! It’s what I love, beautiful, solid quality, unpretentious look, comfortable and welcoming. The look in our home is inviting and this is reflective of our personalities and styles.  Enza, I love your quiet, elegant style. Your diligent and thoughtful approach is very impressive. The supplier you used was absolutely outstanding in their workmanship; with all of you going the extra mile. I thank you and your team for a fantastic job and I would highly recommend you to any of my friends.”

It was a truly gratifying and wonderful experience to be able to help my client, not only by giving her a refreshed look, but by also allowing her to fully enjoy her new living space without any discomfort.

…it goes without saying, I love what I do, and I am very fortunate to be able do what I love…

Hope you enjoyed this post.