A lovely home office and woman’s retreat

I had the wonderful opportunity to work on this lovely home office for one of my clients.

I spent much time getting to know her needs, wants, style preferences, working habits, and her ideal. She shared with me some images; we went through her belongings; we discussed her goals.  I love getting to know my clients at a very deep level as it allows me to create something beyond what they imagined.  The outcome always so rewarding for both of us.

Our client was in the middle of changing careers.

She left her high profile job and was in the process of deciding what her next chapter would look like.

As such, she would be spending more time working from home and wanted a space that would inspire her… a space that would allow her to think, reflect, dream and plan.

In addition, she needed much help in the way of organizing and storing many of her personal belongings: from her work files, to her many novels, her small exercise equipment, her seasonal clothes, as well as her many personal and treasured possessions.


This is what her office looked like before:


And this is the final result:

We removed her closet and created custom designed built ins that would accommodate all of her storage requirements.

We were very methodical in designing the built ins, and measured all the items and storage boxes that would be stored in each cabinet, ensuring a perfect fit.

We also learned that she has back problems and needs to stand at her desk. As such, we created a custom stand up desk and ‘perched’ chair to address her physical needs.

In addition, through our intensive discovery process, we learned that while our client does her computer work at her desk, she prefers to do her writing sitting on the sofa looking out the window.


As well, an abundance of light was also important to her, she wanted to be able to look outside from all angles in the room. As such, we positioned the desk on an angle so she could look out the window. We positioned the sofa to face the window as well. Thereby, achieving her needs.

We used a lovely sheer linen to allow for diffused light enter, while providing a layer of beauty and warmth.

We paid careful attention designing the custom loveseat, in terms of arm height, seat depth and back height, to ensure maximum comfort while writing in her journal.

In terms of the design aesthetic, my client wanted a classic, contemporary space that had a hint of unexpectedness. She wanted to feel calm and inspired.

We opted for a colour palette that was soothing, yet fresh and uplifting. We added special details like the banding on the sofa skirt, contrast piping on the ottoman and lovely tassel fringes on the toss cushions; and a lovely edgy band on the roman shades. All to elevate and inspire.


We added feminine style accessories to create a lovely woman’s retreat, a place where she can go to escape, dream and vision.

Thanks for reading.

Enza Xo