A comfortable, contemporary family room that feels like ‘home’

We first met our clients after they purchased their new home.

Moving into a new neighborhood, into a new home after many years of living in their previous beloved home, they were starting fresh.

My client reached out to me after seeing my work on Instagram. While many of my clients are referred or repeat, it’s always lovely to work with new clients who find me through other channels like social media or other online avenues.

I really enjoyed getting to know my clients, their story, the emotional reasons why they wanted to complete some home design and decorating projects.  I am very fortunate to work with many clients, with whom, I develop and very strong connection and relationship. It’s often bittersweet for me when a project comes to completion.

Getting back to the project details:

Our client wanted to work on redesigning her family room.

Having her family room redone, fresh, complete would be another step towards making her new home feel like ‘home’.

Here is what we started with:

Needs and Challenges:

The challenges of this space were:
– the fact that is a very small area,
– the configuration of the space, due to placement and size of the kitchen island and dining area

Their needs included the following:

– ability to watch TV from dining table
– ample seating to accommodate family and friends.

So this is what we did:

We started by removing the large fireplace and mantel.

We designed the custom built ins in an asymmetrical way in order to provide the space needed in between the family room and dining area.

We carefully considered the back height of the occasional chairs to provide optimum comfort and head support when watching TV.


Given the distance between the TV and the occasional chairs, we were very methodically about the heights of the cabinets, stone and TV, in order to mount the TV at the correct viewing height.

We custom designed the beautiful handmade area rug, working harmoniously with the beautiful textiles.


Beautiful custom made linen drapery adds a lovely layer of warmth, adding softness to the space.


Each piece was thoughtfully custom designed in order to achieve both the desired design aesthetic as well as the functional and space requirements.


We designed these custom toss cushions to add beauty and interest. The custom designed ottoman serves as a place to rest your feed and also showcase gorgeous style accessories, elevating and completing the overall look and feel.

I love the beautiful table lamp atop the custom designed end table.  The pretty accent piece takes cues from nature and is so fitting in this lovely space.  The gorgeous colour and veining of the calacatta marble adds a natural warmth.


We are so happy with how our client’s space turned out and we couldn’t be more happy for them.

Enza xo