A Beautiful Restoration of Heirloom Pieces

A beautiful restoration of heirloom pieces –

I had the absolute pleasure of working with our wonderful clients to transform their main living space.

At the beginning of every project, I spend a significant amount of time getting to know my clients, how they live, how they want to feel in their home.  We discuss what existing furniture pieces we would like to keep and which pieces we would like to add or replace.

Through this process, I learn of the treasured stories of my clients’ special pieces.  I love to incorporate these pieces of personal meaning into my clients’ redesigned/redecorated space; as I believe it brings soul to a space. These pieces may include small objets d’art collected by my clients over the years through their travels around the world, or a treasured piece of art given to them as a gift, to larger furniture pieces handed down to them from their family.

As was the case in this project, my clients had several pieces we wanted to incorporate into the design.  My clients had wonderful pieces, and I was very passionate about keeping and restoring them; a 1920’s settee passed down to my client from his grandmother, a lovely foot stool, and special piece of art by a famous Quebecois painter that was given to my client from his father.

In terms of the design concept, our objective was to create a family living space that had a light and airy feel.  We wanted to create a space that incorporated a mix of design styles: mid century modern, vintage pieces, with slightest hint of European.  We wanted it to have a layered feel, blending these styles, using a wonderful mix of textures and patterns and a soft watercolor palette reminiscent of the beach (as our client is from the East Coast).

We are so thrilled with how the project turned out.  The overall result is a beautiful, serene, casual and elegant space that blends my clients’ design styles and incorporates their beautiful existing pieces to tell a wonderful story.

A beautiful color palette.  Soft, serene, casual, elegant, refined.  I had the sofa custom made from a Toronto furniture maker.  The floor lamp is also Canadian made.

A lovely mix of patterns and textures.   The 100 year old settee was restored from the inside out.

I custom designed this handmade wool rug, capturing the essence of their space so beautifully.

A peak behind the scenes…

We reframed this piece of art given to my client from his parents: a painting by John Little, a famous Quebecois painter.

A mix of vintage and contemporary style accessories give this home soul and personality.

The juxtaposition of the walnut side table, oval marble coffee table, powdered coated black floor lamp and the 100 year old settee gives the space character.

The beautiful brass mirrors bring an old world European feel to the space.

A sneak peak behind the scenes…

Here is what it looked like when we began the process of restoring it.  It was so fun to see the layers of fabric used over the years!

Recently, our clients were featured in the Globe and Mail, Life Section, ‘Favourite Room’, where their living space was showcased.  We are honoured and humbled to have been mentioned in this article as part of helping them achieve their goals, transform their space and restore their heirloom pieces. You can read the full article here.

Photo credit: Angelina Aristodemo


We hope you enjoyed reading this post.  Until then, live beautifully, live well and always be inspired.

Warmest and thank you for reading.

Enza xo